Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where are we heading to?

Just look at the above video - and well you feel that the revolution in the IT world and advancements in technology is changing the world as we know. It captures the gist of how IT, computer and internet is changing the world so fast that we can't even comprehend the change. If you ever going to leave this earth now and return back in 5 years, Im sure you would feel completely lost with the advent of technology. And, it can be so true even for the most tech savvy person too.

It made me feel really happy about the type of work that IT is involved and the type of work I can do. I'm always game for programmatical challenges (and would love to fail and learn rather than read and learn the concepts), but having been in IT company for more than four years now, I know that development is not the only activity - it is also one of the activity. And, all of them are importanta.

Enough of digression in to IT company working arena - let me continue on for what I wanted to blog for.

As if the video above is not exciting enough and its prediction an exciting journey that we are going to be embark on, Im completely at awe of another phenomenon - AVATAR.

I haven't watched the movie yet. I will soon. However, I'm already thinking of it's ramifications in various spaaces.

As a kid, when I watched Terminator 2 - I didnt understand it much at all. When I watched it again in my high school, some of it started making sense to me and I woke up the realization of robot or artificial intelligence playing its part in the human race in the future. [And, one hint that Im going to give myself in this blog is that I may be part of the AI driven sales related work and lets see if that would realize :)]

That was an exciting idea for me then and even now - and this idea was brought in to our lives by cinema and by one man, James Cameron. It wouldnt have made such an impact as a cinema and concept if not for the manner in which it was depicted in the movie. And, it wouldnt have been possible to depict it that way if not for the advancement in IT.

And, now Avatar, the movie, takes it to the next level. Many of the reviewers are saying one comment about this movie - whatever one were to imagine, it can be brought and depicted in the cineman. The technology to do that has been invented by the movie. This can be really exciting for the cine world on the technology and how it can further showcase great stories [if they have ;-)] - however i'm intrigued by another fact here.

Does this forbode what is to come? Terminator 2 brought in cinema what can be done in reality now (or already in reality at different level) the robotics and AI. And, does this mean that whatever one imagines, one can bring to effect using technology, if not now, in 2154??

Oh My MY! I so want to Live and live till that time and even beyond too [my appeite for living never ceases]

As excited as I'm, I shudder to think of the consequences of such a capability - has anyone read the book (Sphere) or watched the movie by the same name? [The book is much better than the movie] The aforesentence is a testimony to the gist of the concept Im attempting to put word to. The author of the book, Michael Crichton, has imagined and has described all his imagination in much detail in the book, however the same cannot be replicated in the movie. See what I'm saying?

And, the Novel is also about the ability to imagine and manifestation of the same - if such a technology do exist, or comes in to our life in 2154, are we human ready to handle such a capability in a positive way?

Where are we heading to?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is how it is

I'm going to continuously surprise myself by my abilities for the rest of my life.