Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What is it?

I seldom have headache or head pain. I always shrug it off at the very least, when hit the nadir and kinda move. May be small drag may reside within me but it wouldn't be sufficient enough to bring me to nought. Coz, being nought or idle is not something that I'm good at, maybe :D.

So, what is it, this collision of two things, which are vying for the same mind space of mine, that deals with the common thing of mine -  what I do (did or want to do) ?

Life is a game - I have always played it, will always end up doing so. Sometimes, there is a small amount of fear/hope that clings on to me so as to have an ok sort of outcome. I think it is good in a way to have that but it shall may not be limiting oneself. 

Be happy and play it, wherever you may play and however you may play.