Saturday, February 7, 2015

We are dead stars

Who are we ? What is our existence ?

The answer:

WE ARE DEAD STARS looking up at the sky :)

Such a wonderful video that took me back to my basic thoughts about universe, science and time. After a long long time, probably after my 11th or 12th standard, when I was so engrossed by Universe and the space, I have found a video that took my mind away in to a spiral of thoughts.

Such a wonderful video :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pressure from all sides

Im in middle of too many things. I didn't intend it that way and had planned, as best as I could, well ahead and made appropriate arrangements as well. However, due to laxity from some people, who don't even exhibit any iota of professionalism and gullibility of me/appa/mummy, all things are boiling in the same time.

The pressures I face are so much and I really wish some support in getting things done. Actually, for the people to do what they ought to do and not take us for ride. Phew....

Beyond that, wish I have some where to express and get some much needed respite too. Alas, guess Im destined to be a loser on this front for life.