Saturday, February 7, 2015

We are dead stars

Who are we ? What is our existence ?

The answer:

WE ARE DEAD STARS looking up at the sky :)

Such a wonderful video that took me back to my basic thoughts about universe, science and time. After a long long time, probably after my 11th or 12th standard, when I was so engrossed by Universe and the space, I have found a video that took my mind away in to a spiral of thoughts.

Such a wonderful video :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pressure from all sides

Im in middle of too many things. I didn't intend it that way and had planned, as best as I could, well ahead and made appropriate arrangements as well. However, due to laxity from some people, who don't even exhibit any iota of professionalism and gullibility of me/appa/mummy, all things are boiling in the same time.

The pressures I face are so much and I really wish some support in getting things done. Actually, for the people to do what they ought to do and not take us for ride. Phew....

Beyond that, wish I have some where to express and get some much needed respite too. Alas, guess Im destined to be a loser on this front for life.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Nature doesn't need people. People need nature.

A very good campaign on nature and how humans are abusing it - I hope we wake up now and realize the responsibility each of us are having towards mother nature. 


It starts with our food, travel options and living standards - we are over exploiting all of these.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tamizhan !! தமிழன்டா

Few years back, I was seeing a BBC documentary which found the closest DNA resemblance of ancient Human being with the people living near Theni Madurai. 

While Kumari kandam is referenced in ancient tamil literatures, currently we don't have any literature or scientific research (why is India or TN not doing any research on this ? ) that can confirm this once and for all.

Whatever be it, I'm happy and thankful to have born in to a culture and language that is one of the oldest, if not THE oldest in the world.

தமிழன் என்று சொல்லடா, தலை நிமிர்ந்து நில்லடா. தமிழனின் பெருமையை உலகம் அறிய செய்வோம் - தமிழன்டா.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Allergies and diseases - Thanks to GMO food

What are GMO [Genetically modified organisms] or GE [Genetically engineered food] ?  

In an earlier blog, Organic and Organic only, I attempted to explain the fundamental ways in which genetic modification or engineering of seeds are done by the so called food companies, who are in reality, chemical companies, and their actual motive. Contrary to the perception they create about the need for GM or GE food, it is not about feeding the world but driving the profits for few misguided bio-technology companies.

Please watch the below Ted video by Robyn o Brien - a mother and a food activist, whose plea about the state of food economics in US, along with the persuasion in the form of facts and evidence from around the world makes this one of the best videos on this important subject. We must address this malaise at this stage and prevent the same from happening in other parts of the world too. 

While I agree correlation between increasing allergies and health issues with the increased use of GE technology in farming doesn't mean causation, it will be foolish to turn a blind eye to the converging nature of evidence and observations.

Recent example: