Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It is quite a feeling to write about Steve Jobs, right after I did about Bill Gates - I'm going to save it for some other time.

However, this is about one of his creation - iPad. As I watch this event, online and hear it, I feel the endless urge to be part of creating something like this.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bill Gates - to enable pc what it is now

Bill Gates - one of the world's richest man, ever. And, I haven't worked with him, yet, but have always worked on one of his company's software all the time of using computers.

Three years ago, when I was having a casual discussion with work people on various things in world, we gradually drifted to the topic of computers and PC. And, my friend commented saying " he is the one who made software industry. No one till that point thought of writing software and expected to be paid for that". It was not a working thing or business model till Bill pushed it and struck insanely rich. People had worked only on hardware and hardware people worked on softwares for them.

And, by writing this post, I have in no way diminished my interest in opensource or some of the apple products, but have to concede that almost all of my computing have been on windows products. And for the question of "Is windows operation system the best one for PC " I decline to comment, much more than what is already known. However, it is till date the most successful platform for personal computing and using which the majority of the industry grew and thrived and thrives till date.

I have used apple Macintosh, Linux but couldn't quite come over the fact that what is that windows has that enabled it to be most used (market share) till date and why and what the former don't have?

Having said that, my appreciation for Microsoft is mostly for the aforesaid reason and the one below as well.

Bill Gates - To enable pc what it is now (mostly good and little bad)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

would you apple?

Would you apple?

Rumor has it, apple is working on its own search engine as well.

And, Google will not be the default search option in their latest iPad or iSlate or iWhatever. It may even be pushed down to their other products to be removed as an option.

Why does everybody jump in to search bandwagon? I would write a new post for that - Watch out for that.

But one thing that impressed me was how easily some of the really cool technology giants interfaced and used each other products - for eg.
1) Apple having google as the default search option.
2) Mozilla having google as its default search provider in the browser tab
3) Motorola using Android OS (Google mobile OS) to build its new range of smart mobile phones.

Now all of these synchronization (or) integration stands at tender hooks, which can or may fall off soon. 

Possible reason :- 

Google launching Nexus one - mobile phone that is targeted at the mobile market
Google launching Chrome browser - that is targeted at the browser market.

Google was tipped to target and hit the Mighty Microsoft - and it did, and does. For chrome OS is going to come out as well. Their first success was the search (away) from Microsoft and the Gmail.

However, Google now is treading in to the market space of its technology friends - who may not like it and severe their association with google.

Let us just wait and watch this space.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

live 100 % every single moment

Live 100 % every single moment. Whate ver you do let your attention be on that. Even wasting time is fine - but dont waste and attempt or pretend to do something else the same time.

Im so in a not so describable state - but still I think I always retain my cheerful state. I think it is a fault with me - I dont know how to feel sad or get dragged on or be overwhelmed by some of the mundane things in world. Im by default happy and at at times that doesnt seem to be appropriate - I dont know why.

I have my wants and what I want I know.

And, coming back to 100% feel - this repeat thought got reminded this time by looking at AR Rahman good it is , all time. He does what he wants and gives it all.

And, not everybody is as lucky :-). And, the extra effort required to do something you like will always pay off but expending that extra effort and also having clarity on those things amidst confusion in your surrounding really makes me not do anything. how conveniently have I found a reason - phew.

Nevertheless - live 100 % every moment. Peace

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There are always opportunities in life

Life is nothing more than opportunities and there are plenty of them. We miss some and we hit some and still there are plenty of them - it applies for things personal as well as things work wise as well.

I dont think there is anything as work wise as well - what you are, what you are. Personal or workwise.

There are plenty of opportunities in life - that is what I want to tell myself and never is it ever late.

It is a confusing post reflecting my state of mind :)