Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yeyyy...My family

This is my family.

Well - me and my appa both of us are not Kamal - C'mon, I'm not even making that comparison. May be, in looking good scale, I will back myself up to be up against Punnagi mannan. However, what is unsaid of me is I'm a crazy Thalaivar fan.

But, yeah - my mom is good looking. And - both of them rock in their support towards us, and each other. A fact that got illustrated even by a stand they took last month in support of me. They simply rock coz they don't enforce but suggest and give more than they ask.

And, coming to my sister, with whom I'm currently in a fight - coz she seldom understands (she is half as my age, that explains her level and ability to understand). But similarity can be drawn to this video with her. She also dances Bharatnatyam - and I make fun of her dance. She definitely is more loquacious now, I hope it comes down in future :-D.

But, we (all of us in family) feel good when seeing this song - may be coz of the character identification we unknowingly draw with this song. And, I somehow feel that a family with a bro and sis is actually wonderful coz you get a chance to enjoy (and suffer :D) a myriad range of emotions and battles and happiness.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I love this song- not just for 

Ar Rahman and Shreya Ghosal

But for the lyrics which seems so beautiful....

Unnai yenni yengum
Idhayathai yenna seiveyn..
Idhayathai yenna seiveyn...