Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cloud watching

[Well, this has to be the most delayed blog post of mine till date - almost 2 years late]

Cloud watching - wow, what a simple yet fun and pleasurable way to spend some leisure time quiet. Either with oneself or in the company of like minded people.

I had the privilege of such company in the navratri month of 2008 @ ashram, in bangalore. I was with my Ashwin, Vaish and few more at the Radhe kunj place in the ashram and we were sitting in the amphitheatre and just simply watching clouds. We were looking at the clouds and giving names and designs to its pattern in the sky - it was such a simple but wonderful activity to just do that. To see what the natural canvas has for you up in the sky. Seldom do we pay much attention when we look up to sky to notice and start naming patterns and reflect your imagination on the natural canvas.

In my opinion, this is by far one of the best canvas available for a living being and the best entertainment possible for a curious and creative mind. With clouds moving as fast as they are, you are bound to think of innumerable things just by looking up. WOW. I happened to do the same not so long ago at the same place and got reminded of the previous time I did it there. It is such a simple activity and realized that it will enthrall me always in life :)

Monday, August 2, 2010


Ufffffffff - Im, well kinda disappointed.

It wouldn't be surprising for us to know that politicians are involved in corruption and so forth. But selling one's vote to elect Rajya Sabha polls? Yuck - I don't know if there is anything meaner a man can do in life than this one. Some MLAs are offering to sell their vote for 50L or 1 crore or ever 2 crores to elect somebody. And, who are all coming in to RS nowadays? All big industrialists - who knows how many in the past have come to RS through this means?

I hardly see any tall figure as Industrialists - Ratan Tata , surely yes, one of a kind. May be Narayana Murthy. May be Azim Premgi. I couldn't think of others.

If this wasn't enough - Common Wealth Games is heading to a slow disaster and a bigger embarrassment for the nation :(. An event envisioned for 754 crores has shot up budget by 100 times to cost 75 000 crores and above. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. To put things in comparison, the farm loans waived off by Chidambaram was around 60,000 crores to poor farmers. Here we are just organizing a 50 day event or something. Agreed, it is prestige and other things - but at what cost? Has it improve India and her sports talent at grass roots level? NO. Only stadiums are constructed at Delhi and that too new stadiums are leaking. PHEW. And, now there is this great fact of corruption by Kalmadi - in funds. 25000 Pounds have beeen deposited to a one man company in UK for the last 4 years from CWG funds - gosh. IT IS OUR MONEY. And, some selfish beasts are eating on this money.

What worth are receiving medals from these hands?

And - there are these two "Modi"s. One is Lalit. Another is Narendra. Both are good at doing what they like doing. Management and administration. Alas, if you have done a mistake and dont have the courtesy or the guts to accept it and go through some correction, time will catch up with you sooner than later. That is what is happening in both Modi's camp.

Uffff - Im kinda disappointed.

[Still with a smile and enthusiasm coz life is just the summation of these two]