Sunday, September 5, 2010


Watching Titanic now and I'm not sure the count of the number of times I have watched it before. But every time, I watch it, I want to watch it and fully. Its one of the first movies in my life that has fascinated and impressed me in my forming years, during school. 

What fascinated or interested me was not just the drama in the movie, the wonderful love or the wonderful movie making, which was as wonderful as the love that was showcased in the movie itself. Its the incident itself.

The fact that this was a real incident and this happened in a century that I Was also part of made me empathize with this incident so much. I even had a collection of images, pictures, posters from that movie collected in a small little file pouch that I'm so proud of. I have not seen it in the last few years though, but it should be there, somewhere in my erstwhile table.

Nature and life, gives humans the same lessons, time and again, that we fail to get it also, time and again. However we grow, how much ever advancements we make, ours are all still relatively small compared to whats around us. Trees have been in this land even before us, if Im not wrong. Atmoshphere, air, water. So on. But we need constant reminder that we are not so big and nature has to teach us something catastrophic and take away some of our lives as the cost to make us understand. Alas, we forget it all too soon. 

Titanic too, unfortunately stands testimony to the weakness of human beings. The procedural failures in following the rules and other important things while running the ship and the professed PRIDE on some small things such as class and categorizing people as class. How long do we need to realize that we are all one and the same? Stupid class, color, creed, religion and other separation holds only amongst people, but to nature, all are same. All will have to survive for the fittest. That never takes any criterion - and nature reminds us that we are one and the same, even one among the same with itself too, by all these events. Most of which are caused by our stupidity while some of that are natures fury.

And, coming back to the movie, James cameron's one liner about the movie was - "You remember Titanic? Rome and Juliet are traveling in the Titanic". What a wonderful love story, simple and enjoyable. Most of the time, some real happiness are like that, stupid, simple, enjoyable.

And, oh yeah - one of my most favorite scene in that movie is when the diamond is thrown back in to the sea. The way it spirals and goes down, the blue diamond. It had always fascinated me, don't know why.