Saturday, October 30, 2010

How globalized are we?

Just finished watching obama live on his website. And, I couldn't help wonder at the globalization that has dawned on this world.

To win an election in the state of Illinois, Obama had to bring in China, had to bring in Singapore, had to bring in Germany. You can no longer say that what you want to do is right, just by the virtue of it in politics. You had to quote example and draw attention to the practices in other parts of the world to add virtue and credential to your argument. It also tells me how interlinked all our actions really are in this world, now.

And, boy don't I love it.

Born Indian, worked for Americans while I was in India and working for Americans while Im here in America. Allright, globalization has to be a two way street, how can I be enjoying it an US not enjoying it. They do, not only in terms of quality of work, time and cost. But the two way street of it. Indo US nuclear deal opens up billions of dollars to american firms to build nuclear reactors to India. American firms engage in upgrading Indian military, air-force and navy. Deals running to the tune of billions of dollars.

China's globalization policies may be slightly different in execution but it is all the same story - two street . US companies get quicker product development cycle with less than a quarter of investment to make the product and that is not the only reason they grudgingly shift the jobs. China is the largest investor in US government bonds. China if it can dare, may shall hold US govt for ransom on account of its investments. No - they wont do it for US companies investing in China run its middle class family.

It is the same or similar story all over the world with globalization. It is more dependency amidst nation. The challenge lies in striking the balance. A nation should be self reliant, driven by home grown and outside innovation but be prepared for crisis. If outside driven innovation and money is not there, it should not lose its livelihood. It shall afford to lose its luxury but not its necessity. I think India is on the path of striking that balance but still far fetched. We need more leaders like Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram and Montek Singh Aluhiwalia, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, APJ Abdul Kalam. I hope I can add more leaders to that list as well.

US has got Obama. And, may be few more whom Im not aware of.

While watching it live, I was waiting for him to quote India. However, he did not. May be he genuinely believes India is not doing any greater harm to US. Or, he is preparing himself for the India State visit.

PS: For erstwhile Imperialistic nations like UK - please innovate or perish even before you can see. You can make tougher immigration laws and close your markets or make them more open and competent enough to enter anywhere else in the world as well.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time moves on - but I stay still

4:10 Am and, as I listen to the songs that are randomly playing in my playlist,  I hear one familiar song that I have not listened to for a while now. Songs of the movie Kadhal; and just as the first song started playing, I find myself enjoying and appreciating that song the same way as I did it 5 years back. I like it even now.

It just made me think - that much of my preferences have not changed over the years. May be they have grown to be accommodating and but not lost what is inherent to me. I find myself enjoying the same activities that I did long time back, of course, and new experiences are also thrilling but still the old ones are not being replace. hmmm....

I think - Im the same kid-guy-man-person. Now, probably (hopefully) ever. Well, some people will interpret in a different way and say that we should change over time and grow up and play new role and responsibilities. Well, Im playing all those but wish to retain/remain the same way.

hmmm :)