Sunday, December 19, 2010



Why do we grow old? physically and mentally? What is the purpose behind it? If we are going to die anyways, why can't we be the same way and die?we can be babies or stop growing old beyond a certain point - why grow old enough in to dysfunctional bodies and die?

And - why, most important of all, Why? What is the point anyways of this life and all these things? What happens 5000 years from now? I dont even know what happened 5000 years ago. So nobody may know of me. Im sure somebody so long ago had similar thoughts as me, and he would have been gone. And, why am I having the same or similar thoughts again? What are we learning as the whole species then? If we all die or do not pass down the knowledge or even if we pass down knowledge, we go through same or similar things  - why this birth at all?

Is there any other type of birth available at all? Why am I even thinking like this? What is that makes me think like this? Why does that whatever inside me think like this? What is that I want? Even if I want something/anything - it is all from here, in Earth. We are yet to explore and use outer planets, even if we can be. And pollute them as well, who knows. Then we can get what we want from other planets, till then it is all here. So even if I get what I want, got to leave it while going. Then what is the point of wanting it at all?

Is it all the summation of everything and nothing put together? 

Why are we doing so much when we are nothing. When we can't take anything. So should we stop what we are doing or refine what we are doing? What is the point anyways? Then, why?