Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dil to bacha hai ji

One of the most wonderful songs that I have heard recently is the one above. I first heard this song while going in a friends car and found it to be so melodious and nice to listen to. I also thought to myself, may be it is from 1980's or earlier. Coz it was so melodious.So much so that, I started recollecting this song and humming just after the first time I heard it. And, when I heard it the next time in his car after 2 weeks, I asked it to be played again.

It is a quality of really good song and singer, when it makes one to like the song so much to go and see its video. Rahat fateh ali khan is one such singer - wow, what a melodious voice, so soothing.

After having seen the video, I like this sone even more. :)

-  The reaction of the girl at 0:06 and hence forward till Naseerudin shah sit, is so subtle, and wonderful.
   She looks simple, nice, and speaks with her eyes and smile, without even uttering a word.
-  The look of Vidya balan at 0:48, was beautiful :). So, is at 02:00.
-  Arshad Warsi, standing with flower - hilarious :).

Such a wonderful song !! Even if the video was a crap, it is worth to be heard over and over again. But, they made video, even better by keeping it so human and natural and nice.

Dil to bacha hai ji :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How one generation loves....the next generation learns.

There are very few videos that will move you - above is one of them. 

Being young and brazen, I had been similar ways to the moments expressed in this video. Luckily for me, realization also dawned soon of my stupid or ignorant ways and had the opportunity to mend it as well. However, in life, there would be people who would do most to us but we may never be able to repay or offer them the same things that they offered us. And, we continue repaying everybody else in our life the way we would have probably done for the few, in gratitude as well as also as a lesson we learnt from the very same people who offered us the most.

The last quite was the highlight of this video - may be the strand that keeps our species (or all the species) going in this earth as well.

How one generation loves...the next generation learns.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


The only un-changing thing is change. Whether it is my life or your life or our life or the life of other living organisms in this planet or elsewhere, there is change. What is change? Is it just a word? If change is the very nature of everything that is, why not have change renamed as nature?

I have observed that certain songs, when I listen to them, immediately transport me back to some other time. Likewise, with few events or some activity, that if I do or am involved, takes back to the last time I was doing the same activity or the related activity. In getting transported to that particular time, I look at my life then and now - to see that I'm pretty much the same guy that I could recollect back myself to.

The things that I enjoyed doing, that I wanted, that I did - have all kinda remained the same, un changed. Yes, due to exposure amongst other things, the gamut of things have increased. May be something got added, few things fell off, blame it on the benefit of time and exposure with life more. Yes, it did bring understanding of few new things and how to handle them - people, the most important of it all. How to handle them, and let them handle me is something I'm learning, may be will continue to learn as well.

But, one thing I wish to refuse, and that is, not being what I'm. Not for any reason that it might be. Not for the age, growth, expectation or what not. Agreed, we need to be according to the norm or atleast limits of its boundary for major part of the time. As that makes exploring new things, experiences, events and responsibilities and everything that comes with it - a great opportunity to grow oneself and change. And, that is important too - something that cannot be substituted at all.

To see this exposure, time and learning as something that will enable the growth amidst the realization of un-changing me, is what the reality is.