Thursday, June 6, 2013

!!!!!!! Man of Steel !!!!!!!!

The Freaking AWESOME cut of Man of STEEL - the REAL MAN OF STEEL.

The most apt cut I've ever watched - matching the dialogues, emotions and feel that only Thalaivar can evoke.

Awesome fan made Trailer !!!!!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Sutta Kadhai....appadi enna than Suttanga indha paduthule ? 

Villain eh suttangla ? Or some other figures suttangala? or Vadai than suttangala ? :D

One thing for sure - in the first dialogue itself they clarified that the story is not stolen - Sudalainga Saami !!  :-D :-D

My friend +Subu's Debut movie - Hoot Hoot !!!!

Listen to good and different music from Madly Blues below....Great MSV Sir has sung one soulful song !!!

+Subu's Movie launch video below - Kalukkal police get up - onne partha sirippu police mariye therila da :-P