Saturday, October 19, 2013

Indian Economy - Rajan clarifies

Rajan at CNN Money
Rajan - Governor of Reserve Bank of India

Although I didn't have access to the numbers such as GDP/Debt, GDP/external debt of India or didnt look for it, I've always believed what Rajan outlines very clearly in the video below. How and why do I believe - a country of 1.3 billion, with the highest percentage of youth population in the world and a vibrant domestic economy, cannot but have a sustainable development if not for some blunt missteps. And, I haven't seen anything that I would think as "Major" blunt missteps by Indian government. 

India and it's companies can make a "world" of profit if they can target just the indian market alone (much of the world wants to come in and asks for cheaper access to markets but will not invest in infrastructure for that cheaper access - c'mon big box retailers? ) and not worry about any other market. Of-course, there are problems of graft, inefficient bureaucracy and lack of clarity in industrial sector's policies - these issues are prevalent in most economies, the question is of the scale of it. And, laws such as RTI, Lok Pal (weak or not weak) and recent scam revelations will, I hope, deter people from raping countries wealth any further. Again, all these doesn't take away the fundamentals that support a strong sustainable growth for India. 

And, I'm glad about the changes mentioned by Rajan in the video below - a shift from consumption based economy to Investment/infrastructure based economy. The changes along with few unfortunate missteps by govt, will slow us down, but also sets us for a higher future growth that can be sustained and weather any economical storm. Hello, we weathered through the 2008 financial crisis not coz of super management or tax concession or govt funded buyout, but coz of regulation that are well thought out long time ago. I hope this wisdom of being a touch too conservative and stronger in regulation continues than pay for the missteps of companies/corporations later. I also support Indian government for not doing much 'further' help to Kingfisher airlines and let it go through the motions - it's a badly run company and should face consequences. And, airline industry is showing signs of being vibrant with Tata-Airasia deal, Tata-Singapore airlines deal and Jet-Ethihad deal.

India has "PR" problem - not an "unmanageable" financial problem

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Vaseegara | Minnale

In the year 2001, I was so crazy about this song: Vaseegara, from the movie Minnale

Crazy is probably a moderate word to describe my fanaticism towards this song - there was a time when not a single day went by without me seeing this song at least once a day, in the TV. I was maintaining this streak of watching Vaseengara, at least once a day and was so determined to make it last, forever. One may wonder what's so special about seeing it once a day ? There was no youtube in 2001. Although it is a famous song and Tv programs played it so often, it proved to be a challenge watching it once a day when my college started. Still, I used to browse through channels and the music programs to make sure that I see this song - It was always played in any music program as this song was insanely popular. So much so, everybody in my family and some relatives are aware of this new habit of mine - watching this song at least once a day.

However, there was a day, after coming back from college and despite my best efforts staying up till late in the night, I didn't get to watch this song at all. I was so sad and disappointed that my streak got broken and slept late. The day my streak got broken was September the 10th, of 2001. The next day was September the 11th of 2001 and in the evening IST time, morning US time, we all know what happened to the world. When my mummy came back from office, I told that I missed watching the song one day and look what happened to the world.

Hahaha - that is me :D. My mummy played along with my stupidity and said, please never miss watching this song, ever. And, we had a good laugh at my ability to correlate this habit of mine to the events that were unfolding in the world. Anyways, I continued my streak from September 11th 2001 and continued watching it without missing a day. I was wondering what would happen if I miss another day and can some other event unfold :-D. It was kind of fun (stupid) to imagine and correlate some extra-ordinary event happening in the world as a direct consequence of me not able to continue my streak. 

And, there came a day when I again missed watching this song in TV again. It was on December the 6th - a controversial date in India for the demolition of Babri masjid few years ago on the same date. However, nothing untoward happened and I was happy but stupidly sad that this time there wasn't any consequence of me missing the streak. Hmmph :( But, a week later, Indian parliament was attacked. 

After this, I stopped following the steak simply coz it was very hard to maintain.